Jun 2023


Modeling, Simulation, Animation, Shading, Rendering, Post-Processing

In the TomgrowX animation project, I created a growth animation highlighting Tomgrow's innovative material. My focus was modeling, shading, and animation techniques, bringing this substance to life. With attention to detail, I crafted 3D models representing the material's characteristics. Employing shading techniques, I added depth and texture, enhancing its visual appeal. The animation was the highlight. By choreographing the growth sequence, I depicted the material's transformation. The animation showcased the properties and capabilities of Tomgrow's material. Being involved in the TomgrowX animation project was a rewarding experience. My contributions in modeling, shading, and animation helped create a growth animation highlighting the qualities of Tomgrow's material. It was a fulfilling endeavor combining technical skills with creative storytelling, resulting in a compelling presentation.

Client: Tomgrow

TomgrowX Plants Medium

Botanical Assortment

Botanical Assortment