industrial designer & 3D artitst based in tel-aviv.

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Hi! I am Itai, a proficient 3D Artist and Industrial Designer. My professional journey began with acquiring a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design, a cornerstone that drove me toward the world of product visualization and animation. My skill set encompasses complex tasks such as detailed modeling, refined texturing, and fine lighting techniques, all contributing to creating immersive visual narratives.With a robust foundation in design principles and an experienced command of various software tools, I have cultivated a portfolio showcasing diverse projects. These projects highlight my technical prowess and demonstrate my ability to transform concepts into captivating and realistic renderings that resonate with audiences.As I continually refine my skills and explore innovative methodologies, I invite you to connect with me. Whether it's a collaboration, a consultation, or a discussion about the dynamic world of industrial design and 3D artistry, I anticipate the opportunity to engage with fellow enthusiasts and professionals alike. Let's create something exceptional together.


Industrial Design | Animation | Visualization | Video Editing | Modeling | 3D Printing

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